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company news about Operation & machine, the key to the success of vending machine

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Company News
Operation & machine, the key to the success of vending machine
Latest company news about Operation & machine, the key to the success of vending machine

Operation & machine, the key to the success of vending machine

The quality of the vending machine is the prerequisite guarantee, the efficiency of goods and services is the key, and the operation is the secret of making customers feel good and sticky. So, what should we pay attention to in operation? Next, let's take a look!


micron smart vending machine

1.You need to insist on checking your machine regularly, and don't affect your sales due to shortages and other problems. This article is especially suitable for traditional vending machine operators who are not equipped with the Internet. Check your machine frequently, which is of great significance for ensuring sales.

2.Please regularly check that equipment failures have affected your operational output. It is extremely important to check the equipment wiring regularly. A serious examination is like a doctor doing a physical examination for you, which helps prevent some controllable equipment failures. If the wire is broken by a mouse, but it has not been broken, this situation should be followed up in time to ensure that your machine is in good condition at all times.

3.When choosing the point layout of the machinery and equipment and placing the goods on the machine into the machine, please be sure to experience the feeling of being a customer firsthand. Confirm on the spot what the customer's perspective view when passing through your vending machine equipment, and arrange the location of your vending machine equipment and the products on the machine according to the feelings after the experience, so as to obtain the best operational effect.


micron smart vending machine


4.Spend very little money to build a personalized vending machine. Modern consumers are more picky and pay attention to the effects of personal experience, so they can't let their vending machines be too monotonous.


micron smart vending machine


5.Clean the vending machine equipment regularly, and never let customers feel that your machine is dirty. No one is willing to choose a dirty machine to buy goods, because everyone likes to be clean, especially for food and drink. When replenishing, try to replenish when there are no people or few people.


6.Before you put it in the vending machine, do a round of observations. The observations include the surrounding environment, research on the configuration and price of the surrounding convenience stores, and observe the classification of the surrounding people, white-collar workers or workers. After you complete the survey, you can really get your machine with the right "commodity" to help you make money.


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7.Observe and update the products on your machine, keep good sales, and eliminate those with poor sales, and look for better products. There has never been any kind of product that can last forever. Observe at any time, adjust regularly, and always guarantee The goods in your machine are the most needed by the people around you.Of course, if you choose a micron smart vending machine that can automatically generate big data analysis and help you make intelligent judgments, you don't need to spend too much time on this point.


micron smart vending machine


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