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Let's make vending machine SMARTER.

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  • LED lighting automatic vending machine micron smart toy vending equipment with display ark and touch screen
  • Large capacity touch magazine book intelligent vending machine with intelligent system
  • E Wallet Smart Fridge Vending Machine For Vegetables with Telemetry System for Online Real-time Management, Micron

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6 years producing various kinds of vending machines. Exported to more then 40 countries. Focus on Smart vending, Cloud server + Hardware


Established in 2015, Guangzhou Micron Vending Technology Co., Ltd already became one of the best vending machine manufacturers in China.


Manufacturing vending machines. Customise products for customers from all over the world. We manufacture and sell vending machines.

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Our comopany has software engineering department, hardware enginneering department and a factory, sales department and head office in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Micron Vending Technology Co.,Ltd
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Let's make vending machine SMARTER.

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weight sense smart fridge vs rfid fridge
On September 23, 2021
Intelligent unmanned vending cabinets have emerged from 2016 to 2019. After a round of innovations in recognition technology, various technical genres have gradually matured. And as various products are put into market use, it also gives us the opportunity to put aside the dazzling publicity and ...
Elevator vending machine for sale red wine
On September 14, 2021
Today we introduce a wine/champagne/whisky vending machine. The following video shows you the process of shipping wine. 6 reasons to choose this vending machine With elevator to prevent products from being broken With cooling system, adjustable temperature With age recognizer, only adults can buy ...
How Fila use our vending machine to increase sales?
On September 11, 2021
This business model you may want to know. We are working with Fila China for this project, every Fila shop will have our vending machine. This is a gift vending machine. After customer buy something from the shop,if they regist themself as a member, they get some points in their member account. ...
Hot food vending machine have cooling locker and microwave
On September 7, 2021
Today I'm going to introduce you to a pizza smart vending machine that has both a cooling locker and a microwave. Locker is inside a fridge and the temperature of the cooling system can be maintained at 2-20 degrees. We can see pizza ads from the 22-inch touch screen and choose the pizza we want. It...