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Latest Company Case About Deliver Milk/Drink Vending Machine Solutions For Students On Campus
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Deliver Milk/Drink Vending Machine Solutions For Students On Campus

 Latest company case about Deliver Milk/Drink Vending Machine Solutions For Students On Campus

Primary and middle school students in the growth stage, the scientific nutrition is to guarantee its healthy growth, the important material base of the development of good for the students in the development, need to drink milk on time quantitative, alleviate nutritional deficiencies, supplement energy, promote to thrive, including milk, yogurt and other low temperature milk the highest nutritional value, more conducive to the healthy growth of the students.


At present, there are some disadvantages in the uniform milk distribution model of schools:

1. The quality of milk is easily out of control because it cannot be effectively refrigerated and kept fresh, and most milk is delivered with normal temperature milk, which has low nutritional value.

2. Because of the single variety, students lack the initiative to choose milk.

3. Students can't drink milk at the right time.


The main operation mode is as follows: the operator places special vending machines for students' milk in primary and secondary schools and issues milk cards to students. After parents recharge their money online or offline, students can use the milk cards to consume in the special vending machines for students' milk.



What do you prepare for the vending machine before it enters campus?

1. Government recognition and support

The recognition and support of the local government and relevant departments is the necessary guarantee for the successful implementation of the "Student Milk Program" in the local area.After in-depth communication with the local authorities, the government can help improve the enthusiasm of schools to participate in the implementation of the "Student Milk Program" by issuing documents or organizing special work meetings.

2. School site visit and research

It is necessary to visit schools to investigate the number of students, whether they provide milk for students, the current varieties of milk for students, the number of students who drink milk on a daily basis and other information, so as to facilitate the formulation of vending machine layout planning.

3. School support

In the early stage, we need to prepare a detailed implementation plan, local government support documents, cooperation agreement, quality commitment letter, targeted publicity materials, etc. The principal of the school is the key decision maker for the enrollment of the "Student Milk Drinking Program", so we need to have in-depth communication and negotiation.

4. Campus promotion

Operators and school teachers cooperated in the promotion of student milk vending machines, including posters, promotional activities, parent-child activities, publicity and training, which helped the smooth development of the "Student Milk Drinking Program".