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Latest Company Case About The advantages of fresh containers into the community
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The advantages of fresh containers into the community

 Latest company case about The advantages of fresh containers into the community


latest company case about The advantages of fresh containers into the community  0

Vegetables and fruits contain essential vitamins and nutrients, which are indispensable supplements for our life. However, with the development of novel coronavirus, it has brought a lot of inconvenience to our life, so we need to avoid contact with people to reduce the risk of infection.So we offer a solution ------ Community Fresh Vending Machine.There are three reasons:




1. Convenient for consumers to buy

At present, most consumers want to buy fresh need to go far away, the lack of large fresh supermarkets or vegetable markets near the community, for some office workers, buy fresh is very inconvenient, can only choose to buy online or weekend hoard vegetables, effective fresh supply is insufficient.And the community fresh vending machine is arranged in the community, can save time to buy, greatly provides convenience for people


2. Fesh and healthy

Generally speaking, online shopping for fresh goods requires timely delivery, but many people may be unable to pick up the goods due to the influence of work or various factors, which will lead to two results: one is for the delivery man, slow delivery will affect the efficiency of the delivery man, leading to the delivery man need to wait for a long world;Second, if the fresh goods are put in the receiving point for consumers to take by themselves, because there is no place to store fresh goods in the receiving point, so for some office workers, if they go to take fresh goods after work, the food materials will be easy to get stale or even go bad.The micron fresh container can not only sell fresh but also store the self-extracting goods. You only need to extract the goods by yourself through the receiving code.


3. Small floor space, saving store rent, and flexible location

Traditional fresh stores need to take many costs such as rent, artificial, electricity, will squeeze the fresh shop profit space, and fresh daily sales also uneven, so often there are fresh goods sales don't finish that day phenomenon, if put too long, fresh items are easy to rot, so fresh loss is larger.Micron fresh sales container covers a small area, no manual charges, but also can set up automatic discount function, let you worry, money, effort!