Vape/E-cigarette vending machine in club in America

November 25, 2022
Latest company case about Vape/E-cigarette vending machine in club in America

Micron 55' inch touch screen e-cigarette vending machine in USA



This vape vending machine has 55 inch touch screen, it can display advertisements and support shopping cart, customers can buy 5 items at the same time.


For operator, we develop smart software system that can remote control the vending machine on mobile phone and PC, such as turn on/off the machine, adjust cooling temperature, upload product's pictures...The smart software system can reduce labor cost and operate time.


We accpet customize service, including color, sticker, size, goods tray size and types... and we can put an age verify on the vape vending machine, customers must to scan their IC/ID card/passport/driving license to ensure that customers are allowed to buy vapes.

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