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Community fresh food self-pickup cabinet solution

August 26, 2020

Delivery status

  • The quality of fresh food cannot be guaranteed: hesitate about the particularity of fresh food, the existing delivery methods cannot fundamentally guarantee the quality of fresh food, and consumer experience declines.
  • Delivery time is subject to the consumer's personal time: it is difficult to match the delivery time with the consumer's time.
  • High labor cost: the number of delivery personnel is large; or the time mismatch increases the cost of secondary delivery.


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Self-lifting cabinet advantage

  • Save labor costs (assuming 1000 orders/day, two people deliver, and the delivery can be completed)
  • To ensure the freshness of fresh products and improve the efficiency of distribution, the distribution can be completed 2-3 times a day.
  • Assuming 60 orders per day, 16 people are required to deliver 1,000 orders. The labor cost is high. The delivery of incubators or ice packs cannot guarantee the quality of fresh food.
  • The self-pickup cabinet is used in the distribution terminal to realize online ordering and offline self-pickup to solve customer time; solve the problem of waiting for delivery personnel and secondary distribution, and solve the problem of peak and valley efficiency of trial distribution.
  • It has shown a more complete and more physical last-mile "circle" of the cold chain for the industry, absorbing the innovative ideas of fresh food distribution, and leading the development trend of the last-mile fresh food distribution.
  • Self-lifting fresh cabinet cooperation solution
  • Intelligent fresh food distribution platform: intelligent fresh food cabinets laid in a community for lease and use by various fresh food and IoT related parties.Intelligent fresh food shopping platform: The intelligent fresh food cabinets installed in a community serve as intelligent fresh food shopping terminals to meet the fresh shopping needs of consumers.
  • Brand promotion of fresh food: Smart fresh food cabinets installed in a community to assist fresh food merchants in brand promotion.