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Company News About Do you know how to maintain a vending machine?
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Do you know how to maintain a vending machine?

Latest company news about Do you know how to maintain a vending machine?

Outside of the vending machine: When there is dust on the outside of the machine, just wipe it with a dry cloth. And if there is too much dust and can't be wiped off, use warm water or water to dilute it and wash it clean, and then use a rag dipped in the diluted solution to clean the machine.

Coin recognizer: Coins are easily stained during the circulation process. When the stained coins pass through the coin passage of the vending machine, the passage will also be stained over time. If the dirt is too serious, it will cause the vending machine's coins The performance of selection, change, and refund is abnormal.

Therefore, in order to maintain the good performance of the coin validator, the channel of the coin validator should be wiped at least once a month. When wiping, it should not be wiped with gauze dipped in hot water, but with a dry rag or a slightly damp rag.

Pick-up port: Since the pick-up port of the vending machine is low, it is most likely to be stained with dirt, so the merchant must wipe the outside and inside of the pickup port with a rag every time when replenishing the goods, leaving consumers behind Good impression of cleanliness.

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The vending machine needs to be well maintained during operation, and it also needs to be carefully maintained when it is not used for a long time. It must not be neglected. When a vending machine is not used for a long time, it should be locked, and the door of the vending machine should not be left open.

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