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Company News About Do you know the difference between RFID, vision, and weight sensing?
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Do you know the difference between RFID, vision, and weight sensing?

Latest company news about Do you know the difference between RFID, vision, and weight sensing?


1. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
RFID conducts non-contact two-way data communication through radio frequency, and uses radio frequency to read and write recording media (electronic tags or radio frequency cards), so as to achieve the purpose of identifying targets and data exchange, and is commonly used in supermarket settlements, shopping malls, etc. .

2. Vision sensor
Visual recognition technology based on vision sensors, it can recognize the action of taking or putting back the goods. Here's how it works: After capturing an image, the vision sensor compares it to a baseline image stored in memory to make an analysis. The disadvantage of this technology is that when users are shopping, the calculation speed of the recognition system is significantly slower, and there is even the possibility of errors. At the same time, this technology has strict restrictions on the size, placement, height, lighting and other environmental conditions of commodities, and the categories of supported commodities are also limited.

3. Weight Sensing
It is a new type of sensor technology. It uses elastic sensitive elements to make cantilever displacement devices, and uses elastic sensitive elements to make energy storage springs to drive electrical contacts to complete the conversion from gravity changes to electrical signals. Therefore, gravity sensor technology uses sensors to sense the weight change on the shelf to detect the behavior of goods being taken or put back.

Micron smart vending machine

At present, the main technologies used in unmanned retail are RFID, visual sensors and weight sensing. What cannot be ignored in RFID is the cost of the label itself and the labor cost of pasting the label; video image recognition technology has high requirements on servers and data traffic, and has The network dependence is also very large, which makes the equipment of this technology expensive, difficult to popularize, and the identification process is lengthy, which also leads to a damaged customer experience. Compared with the first two technologies, the cost of gravity induction technology is lower, about one-third of the traditional spring machine, and its reliability is guaranteed.

The release of gravity sensing technology also provides strong technical support for the unmanned fresh market. For example, some customers don’t want to spend time buying fruits and vegetables in the mall after get off work, they can choose to order online to buy fresh drinks, and the merchant can place the products in the refrigerators around the customers’ homes. In the hot summer, when consumers are hesitant to have a strong desire for cold drinks and fresh food and to bake in high temperature outdoors, they can solve it through unmanned intelligent vending machines.

The current smart gravity sensing container can already be combined with the platform to realize password-free payment. After scanning the code, the user can open the door to get the product. When the door is closed, the container can accurately identify the price of the product through gravity sensing. Automatically complete debits. Users do not need to take out their mobile phones to scan the code to pay. The gravity-sensing unmanned vending cabinet can be combined with major payment platforms to realize password-free payment, achieve unattended, automatic settlement functions, and achieve normal temperature, refrigeration, freezing, and thermal insulation sales. Through the use of gravity sensing technology, a large amount of manpower and material resources can be reduced, and at the same time, the work efficiency of the staff can be improved, and the management cost can be reduced.

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