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Company News About Highly recommend these four more easily profitable vending machine placement locations
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Highly recommend these four more easily profitable vending machine placement locations

Latest company news about Highly recommend these four more easily profitable vending machine placement locations

The following are several solutions recommended by Micron vending machines for reference only. The vending machine not only needs to be able to operate, but the location can be said to account for 80% of the success. If you find the right spot, then making basic money becomes very simple.

The first option is to locate some medium-sized stores.

There are four reasons:
1. Advertising, promotion and promotion of new products in your store.
2. It is very creative to put some discounted products and trial items to attract customers' attention. You can also demonstrate the operation process on the spot and lead customers to experience it together. People are always curious, and when new things come out, there will naturally be new ways to play. This will naturally lead to more traffic than usual.
3. This model is a combination of tradition and intelligence, slowly adapting to the group. Even if there is a problem, you can directly consult the store owner without any worries.
4. The machine is still in operation at night, and replenishment during the day is also convenient.

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The second option is a chain hotel. Chain hotels are all over the country and are widely distributed. There is a brand effect, and there are many people living there. Basically, it has been accepted by the majority of consumers, and the flow of people across the country is relatively stable. Putting one in the hotel lobby looks very fashionable and high-end.

There are three reasons:
1. You can put some snacks and drinks, which is convenient for customers 24 hours a day.
2. You can also put some adult products.
3. The vending machine display screen can advertise discounts for hotels, and can also advertise for other companies.

The third option is a university town. A university town is equivalent to a small society, and the flow of people is relatively concentrated. They are all young and new generation, and their consumption awareness is relatively advanced. Vending machines naturally cater to their appetites and are very popular.

There are four reasons:
1. Consumer thinking and psychology coincide with our products.
2. University campus stores are generally more than 200 meters away. Today's students are relatively lazy, and they will definitely not walk more if they can't walk.
3. The recess time is only 10 minutes, and you can't go too far. The convenience of vending machines is reflected.
4. The shops in the school usually close early at night, but our vending machines can open endlessly.

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The four option is for medium and large enterprises. There are generally few shops inside the enterprise, and many industrial parks are built in the suburbs and remote places. It is very inconvenient to buy something, and going out at night is even more dangerous. All business owners will try their best to make employees feel comfortable and stable to work for the boss, so that the life of employees can be naturally put on the schedule.

There are three reasons:
1. Nowadays, people generally have the habit of eating supper, and it is normal to eat some snacks. And like to stay up late, sleep very late.
2. Especially for some closed management enterprises, vending machines bring aspects to employees.
3. It saves manpower for enterprises and time for employees.

In fact, the above is the understanding of point resources. Where are the vending machines? Regarding the size of the profit, the above is a simple understanding of the operation of vending machines.

If you need to buy a vending machine or inquire about the operation of vending machines, you can contact us.

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