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Company News About How do manage the vending machine industry for the first time?
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How do manage the vending machine industry for the first time?

Latest company news about How do manage the vending machine industry for the first time?

How do manage the vending machine industry for the first time?


At present, vending machines have entered the streets and alleys, and vending machines are also a very profitable project. So, when we first entered this industry, how to increase sales and efficiency? Today, I will tell you in detail!


1. Control of operating costs

       For example, if a franchisee or individual purchases a vending machine, the background and sales records of the vending machine should be monitored in real time, divided into the following parts:

  • Fill goods in time
  • Place items and check the machine itself
  • Offline activities
  • Supplement and recovery of funds should be timely


smart fridge vending machine


2. The location of the beverage vending machine

      Since the beverage vending machine entered the market, the location of the beverage vending machine is an issue that must be mentioned. In fact, the location of vending machines largely determines their sales.

      Because the vending machine industry belongs to a special industry, consider the characteristics of your city, carefully analyze the market conditions, main activity routes and crowded places, or places with tourist locations, try not to shop or restaurant Place a vending machine nearby and choose a quiet place, on the street or Erdaojie, not only to allow more people to find it faster, but also to give consumers a privacy of shopping.


vending machine application scenarios 


3. Product type

      Sometimes, it is not necessarily that the more types of products you sell, the better. Even if you only sell one item, as long as it sells well, then it is a success.

      What are the suitable places for placing vending machines?

  • Hospitals have little competition and are not price sensitive (prices can be slightly higher).
  • On the subway, traffic jams, on-site consumption, that is, buy and drink, but be careful not to put it on the main road with a lot of people. The subway waiting area is a good place.
  • At the airport, the prices of competitive physical stores are very high, which is a bit cheaper than competitive products.
  • Universities are not price sensitive.
  • The railway station is similar to the airport.
  • Other places must be cautious, such as shopping malls. Because of competition in shopping malls, there may be large stores below, and people may prefer to go shopping


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