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Company News About How our smart fridge works
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How our smart fridge works

Latest company news about How our smart fridge works

Smart fridge is a good solution for vending vegetables and fruits.


The machine uses 'weigt sensor' to know weight changes if products are put in or taken away. Vendors need to set up product price according to product weight (it'll be done online using a PC or mobile, we'll assign an account for the vendor for our website, and the machine can be connected to internet all the time via WIFI/4G). Then load products into the machine and the machine setting is done.

When customer using credit card tap the card reader on the machine, the electric lock on the machine will unlock, and certain amount of payment will be deducted from the credit card (the amount will be more than the total value of the all the products inside the machine) by pre-autorization, the amount can be negociated by you with your local card reader office when they help you setup the credit card reader. Then customer can open the door to select products. When items are taken out, door closed, the electric lock will lock the door automatically, the machine will charge the customer accordig to how many products were taken, the extra pre-autorization payment will be returen to the customer.


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