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Company News About How should a vending machine work?
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How should a vending machine work?

Latest company news about How should a vending machine work?


1. Location selection

Location selection is crucial to the operation of vending machines. Ideal places are schools, cinemas, hospitals, tourist attractions, bus train stations, etc. Outdoor plazas with many people in gymnasiums are also very good. The effect of residential areas and commercial streets is not very good. Generally, it is a place with a lot of people and a relatively closed space with little competition around it.

2. Equipment selection

Choose equipment that must not be too low-priced. As a money-making tool, vending machine quality and after-sales are very important.

3. Selection of products for sale

As an offline retail terminal, vending machines have a very limited coverage like a canteen. They digest all the nearby markets. Only when the repurchase rate is high can they be profitable. Successful cases are selling snacks, beverages, food, and fruits. Daily fast-moving consumer goods such as vegetables, bento eggs, etc.

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4. Be good at using background analysis data.

Vending machines have become intelligent, and in addition to cash, they can also support mobile phone scan code payment, which is very convenient to use. In addition, the sales data and status of the vending machines can be monitored from time to time through the wireless remote management background, and data reports can be downloaded regularly for analysis. The products with high sales volume may not necessarily have high profits, and the products with high single profits may not necessarily have large sales volume. The quota is allocated reasonably to maximize the total profit.

5. Establish a fast and timely after-sales mechanism

In case the machine is not shipped, it must be dealt with in a timely manner (on-site processing or back-office refunds are fine, and the detailed information of the transaction can be viewed in the back-end), and a good reputation is established, and everyone prefers to shop on vending machines.

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