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Company News About How to analyze the adult product vending machine before promotion?
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How to analyze the adult product vending machine before promotion?

Latest company news about How to analyze the adult product vending machine before promotion?

1. Target market segmentation

Refer to the market demand in the promotion area, the age structure, working ability, professional ability, and consumer product composition of the consumer population. Guarantee specific market specific analysis. Only by investigating such data and information clearly can targeted marketing be carried out. The research method can start from the surrounding business service circle.

2. Product structure segmentation

For the promotion and positioning of different products, hot-selling high-profit products, hot-selling low-profit products, non-transaction conversion rate high-profit products, and products with a long time of delivery should all be considered in the product structure. Ensure specific market sales and specific operations.

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3. Segmentation of online promotion

Develop online promotions for each product positioning. For example, students can purchase discounts on snacks, and adults can enjoy price discounts on daily necessities.

4. Segmentation of other income

At the point of vending machine promotion, resources are integrated for advertising profit. For example, it is more suitable for advertisements of beverage manufacturers in schools, education in residential areas, and reminders of daily life advertisements. In different markets, businesses with different advertisements can be integrated, so that more profits can be made.

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