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Company News About Key points of vending machine operation knowledge
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Key points of vending machine operation knowledge

Latest company news about Key points of vending machine operation knowledge


With the continuous advancement of technology, vending machines have ushered in a "high-speed" development period. The sales categories have also expanded from traditional beverages, coffee, and snacks to tickets, commemorative coins, ice cream, electronic products... The variety of categories is overwhelming, and many people have joined the team of vending machine operators. I want to get a piece of the pie!

Through the contacts and exchanges with many operators, Micron found that there are many factors affecting the operation effect of vending machines, mainly as follows:

flower vending machine

Commodity factor:

          1. The operation of vending machines does not seek huge profits, but only seeks safety. The products must be popular fast-moving consumer goods, including
common snacks and beverages, because the demand for snacks and beverages is huge and stable all year round. There is no risk, you can ask profit.
         2. Pursue high risk and high profit, are willing to try, and can sell relatively unpopular products with little competition that others have not done yet, such as selling jewelry such as gold, silver, jade, etc., or other high-profit commodities, due to the large profit of a single product, so You don't need to sell too much to be profitable.
       These two routes should be chosen according to your own situation, not blindly.

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Location factors:

        Vending machines, like brick-and-mortar supermarkets, are offline retail terminals, and a large factor in profitability depends on the location of the location. Site selection is generally classified into two categories.
        1. The density of effective customer groups is high and the venues are relatively closed, such as colleges or factories, which are basically young people with very strong spending power.
        2. Open places with a large flow of people, such as various stations, scenic spots, outdoor squares, the density of effective customer groups is not very large, but the large flow of people can make up for the shortage, and there are always people who have shopping needs.

Competitive factors:

        Competition must be considered in any industry, and vending machines are no exception. Therefore, if others have already settled in the vending machine or there is a supermarket next to it, it is not recommended to do it. Face-to-face competition is a lose-lose option, not advisable. Therefore, the operation of vending machines should also analyze the surrounding competition and fully study it.

In addition, there are a few small suggestions, I hope it can help you to better operate your own point.

Micron smart vending machine system

1. Be good at using the smart backend. In addition to timely replenishment, you should also regularly analyze the sales data reports displayed on the backend of the vending machine to see which products are more profitable and which items are more profitable, and adjust the quota of each product in time to maximize profits. .

2. Do market research on a regular basis. Do not rely on your own subjective guesses to figure out customer needs or shopping experience behind closed doors. You must actually measure and master real customer needs and opinions and suggestions, so as to adjust your operation plan.

3. Timely currency counting.For vending machines with cash modules, the currency inside must be replenished or counted in time, and the dust should be cleaned regularly to avoid affecting the recognition efficiency.

4. Regular cleaning and cleaning of the machine, because the vending machine with too much dust is difficult to arouse the desire of others to shop.

5. As a highly professional unmanned self-service equipment, the vending machine should have a special person in charge. It must be avoided that Zhang San is sent to manage the day after tomorrow and replaced by Li Si, and the day after tomorrow, Wang Ermazi. To operate a machine well requires certain skills and experience, and it cannot be mastered in three or five days.

6. To create a gorgeous appearance of the machine, you can find a design company to design some eye-catching posters to wrap the body, so that people can notice the existence of the vending machine from a distance, thereby increasing sales.

Micron smart vending machine solution

Operating a vending machine is a highly professional job that involves a lot of content and needs to be accumulated slowly.
As a powerful vending machine manufacturer in the industry, Micron will regularly share various industry knowledge.

If you are interested in vending machines, please contact us for more information.

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