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Learning to maintain vending machines will not only extend the lifespan, but also attract more customers

December 30, 2021

At present, the service life of vending machines is basically 6-8 years. Many customers didn't do much maintenance after buying it back, and found that the machine had changed a lot after one or two years, rusted and painted, and the machine had various minor problems. If you take care of routine maintenance, not only can the life of the machine be prolonged, but the appearance of the machine is clean and concise, and it will attract more people to buy it.


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1. Machine shell of vending machine

The vending machine has a certain floor area, and the shell will absorb dust. Wipe the vending machine housing with a damp cloth every once in a while. If there is a lot of flying dust, you can dilute it with a neutral detergent and then use a rag. Note that only neutral detergents can be used here. If it is wiped with acid or alkaline detergent for a long time and then exposed to the sun, the casing of the machine will have some cracks.

2. Pickup port

The pick-up port of the vending machine is also the facade of the vending machine. The entrance for customers to pick up goods must of course be kept absolutely clean. No one wants to pick up things at the dirty pick-up port.

3. Inside the vending machine

The internal line serial port interruption time of outdoor vending machines should also be checked, this is also to avoid affecting the user experience effect, otherwise it will bring bad results to the operation.


micron smart vending machine


These are necessary for the maintenance, sanitation and maintenance operations of the vending machine. The placement of the vending machine on the outdoor bottom line is also very important. After all, the vending machine works with electricity, and the leakage protector also guarantees normal operation and transition. The above is the basic operation of the daily maintenance of the vending machine.


After the daily maintenance, the service life of the vending machine will be longer. Therefore, we often see many vending machine manufacturers claim that their vending machine service life can reach more than 10 years, and it is difficult to do without maintenance of the vending machine on a daily basis.


We can see a variety of different types of vending machines on the market, all of which require maintenance, especially the vending machines that are placed outdoors in the wind and the sun, which require active maintenance and maintenance. So, how do you maintain your vending machine on a daily basis?


micron smart vending machine


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