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Company News About Lucky box vending machines are put into shopping malls to gather popularity
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Lucky box vending machines are put into shopping malls to gather popularity

Latest company news about Lucky box vending machines are put into shopping malls to gather popularity

How to revitalize shopping malls through "vending machines" with low operating costs and strong ability to attract customers is affected by factors such as the epidemic and increases passenger flow.

Whether it is the popular lucky box, gashapon or the fresh shared power bank, these "net red machines" are undoubtedly entering the public eye more and more. The reason why shopping malls are sought after as a tool for attracting traffic is the insight into consumer demand and in-depth exploration of operations:

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Low labor cost. Such machines often sell products or services in a self-service form, with low operating and nursing costs. With the continuous development of digitalization and intelligence, operators can even conduct timely management and control through the system to reduce costs.

The threshold for consumer participation is low. Because the total price of such machines is generally not high and there is no consumption pressure, the consumer customer base covers a wide range and can better drain traffic to the shopping mall. Taking the blind box as an example, as a combination of art and business, it has artistic attributes and can be sold in the form of commodities, which greatly reduces the threshold for everyone to buy art.

In line with the fragmented consumption trend. With the accelerated pace of society, the traditional shopping and shopping patterns are gradually changing in shopping malls. Fragmented consumption that can make decisions faster and meet the needs of waiting time is very popular among young people.

Improve space utilization and divert traffic to surrounding merchants. Generally speaking, the distribution of business near the cold area of ​​shopping centers is affected by factors such as location, and the flow of people will also decrease. These small machines that are fully grafted into the business boom will attract customers and divert the flow of customers to surrounding merchants to form complementarity.

Strong flexibility. Compared with the major adjustments and changes, these small machines themselves are more flexible, which can not only introduce popular business formats, but also make multiple adjustments according to the actual effect.


Micron smart vending machine

Lucky Box vending machines cleverly use the emotional value dividend to capture the psychology of consumers and open a new model of intelligent sales. The lucky box products represented by Bubble Mart have attracted the attention of many consumers. There are always young consumers in front of the lucky box stores in major shopping malls who can't wait to open the little treasures they have drawn. Lucky box vending machines with strong ability to attract customers are very suitable for placing in shopping malls.

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