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Company News About Many capitals have earned their first pot of gold by relying on unmanned vending machines in the community
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Many capitals have earned their first pot of gold by relying on unmanned vending machines in the community

Latest company news about Many capitals have earned their first pot of gold by relying on unmanned vending machines in the community

On the morning of August 10, in a community in Dongguan City, the reporter saw a lot of people walking around a few unmanned vending cabinets, and occasionally many people took out their mobile phones to scan codes to buy.


A total of three sets of machines, a total of six unmanned vending cabinets, display more than 100 kinds of goods. The reporter saw that the common fresh cabbage, spinach, beans, apples and other fresh foods have been picked out of good quality and packaged into boxes according to their weight for sale. This is also convenient for consumers to take and avoid the loss of consumers touching the goods with their hands.


Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the daily necessities "vegetables, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea" have been the breakthrough points of major capitals, such as similar Tmall "Miao Xiansheng", Suning "Su Xiansheng", Jingdong "7FRESH" community group purchase Various commercial forms such as projects have developed rapidly. In order to quickly occupy the fresh food market, many capitals have begun to work on the 50-meter distance of the community, directly at the door of the community downstairs. This is undoubtedly a major reform of the fresh food market, which will directly change the way people live in the future.

vending machines are no longer limited to the sale of beverage retail, and begin to sell more demanding fruit, vegetable and meat products.

3 yuan / catty water spinach, 4 yuan / catty sweet corn, selected snow peas for 3 yuan a catty, freshwater sea bass 18 yuan a catty, premium oyster sauce 8 yuan a bottle... Clean and fresh fresh products attract Many community residents are concerned.

"Buying a potato is only 3 yuan, a catty of pork is only 15 yuan. The price is very affordable." Ms. Liang showed her checkout interface to reporters, she said with emotion that she was about to take a car to the supermarket to buy vegetables, but she didn't expect to go to the supermarket. The unmanned vending machine underneath immediately started selling vegetables. After scanning the QR code to buy vegetables, she picked several fruits in a cabinet next to her.

Fresh food vending machine, Unmanned vending machine

Similar to the operation of most self-lifting cabinets, micron self-lifting cabinets need to be purchased through mobile phones. The first scan of the code is to agree to the secret-free payment authorization to this micron vending counter merchant. After authorization, follow the prompts on the counter and directly scan the code with your mobile phone to enter the unmanned vending cabinet mall. This mall is to submit an order online and pick up the goods offline. If you purchase goods directly without unmanned, you need to scan the vending cabinet again. The corresponding cabinet door can be successfully opened. When I took out a pair of two apples, the small program indicated that the weight was 0.35 kg and the price was 6 yuan. After closing the cabinet door, you enter the settlement process. The mobile phone prompts the purchase amount and automatically deducts the payment. The entire process only takes about 10 seconds.

Community Fresh Vending Machine
Nobody in the community picks up the fresh food cabinet

"The automatic vending fresh cabinet is the last link of the cold chain, and the temperature inside the cabinet will be displayed in real time. While ensuring the quality of the product is not affected by the outdoor temperature, it also facilitates the monitoring and management of the staff at the outlets," the relevant person in charge of Micron Vending Cabinet introduced For the sake of safety, the company is equipped with a camera on each set of cabinets, which can not only ensure the safety of machinery and food, but also can directly ask questions through the camera to answer."

Within an hour of staying in front of the unmanned vending cabinet in the community, there were no less than 30 residents who successfully purchased the desired commodities in the self-pickup cabinet, from vegetables, fruits to meat, and many people bought them. Understand that it is the merchants who have counted the purchase needs of the community to accurately place the products to avoid waste and losses.

Community Fresh Cabinet
Community Fresh Food Container

Ms. Li found that there was no salt at home, and was thinking of buying it at a nearby supermarket. Unexpectedly, she can buy it downstairs today. She also opened a membership and directly recharged with her membership card, saying that it was because the elderly at home could swipe the card directly without knowing how to use a mobile phone. It is hoped that this kind of convenient projects will be introduced more.

You can still get a discount after the time period! Every evening after the meal time, if the goods are not sold out that day, the price will be reduced. Every morning, we start to clear the goods from the day before, and then the goods are updated to ensure the next day’s sales.

Community unmanned vending container
Discount on unmanned vending machines in the evening

noticed that compared with community fresh food stores, the biggest advantage of this project is that it can be purchased directly downstairs. This seems to have become a more convenient and safe way for citizens to buy daily fresh food under the new normal of daily protection against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Observation: Disrupting community fresh food, quality control and distribution are still the biggest challenges

Although it seems that there are not many consumers, there are many people who are willing to try new things. The success of this bold attempt to put fresh food directly into the smart vending cabinet still needs to be determined by the passage of time.

Whether smart containers can really be promoted depends on whether they meet consumer needs? At present, it seems to be more appropriate. Of course, smart containers have some "pain points". For example, one person can buy it after another person buys it, which leads to a queue for purchasing a popular item, which affects the user experience. If you are a consumer, are you willing to buy in the unmanned vending cabinet downstairs or go to the supermarket to buy?

Fresh food vending machine