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Company News About Medicine(OTC) vending machine
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Medicine(OTC) vending machine

Latest company news about Medicine(OTC) vending machine

These years, more are more medicine vending machines are placed in residential communities, factories, office buildings, outside the pharmacy stores, which has been provided the users with great convenience. It’s a real 24/7 non-stop pharmacy store.


Today we are glad to introduce the main features of our vending machine specially designed for selling OTC medicines.


  • 22in Touch screen: (1) the users can read the brief introduction of each medicines, and then compare to his/her symptoms, make sure what they are going to buy will be helpful for their health; (2) the operator can upload the advertisement materials in video or photo format, which can be delivered to the users precisely.
  • Payment system: it can be cash and cashless, or E-wallet, which is very convenient for the users to make payment.
  • Elevator and middle pick-up box with automatic door: the users no need to bend down to get the goods, which is a humanistic design to take care of some people who have difficulty in bending down.
  • Huge capacity: the operator no need to re-fill the machine frequently, which will save the cost for the operators.
  • Goods tray with adjustable Direct-push slots: the operator can re-fill the machine in a very high efficiency, and avoid goods “stuck” problem.
  • Cloud-based smart vending system: all the transaction data will be kept in the cloud-based server, by mobile phone or laptop, the operator can check the real time status of the machines, stocks, orders, commodities, sales data...which is so easy for daily management job.


Besides, some optional features, such as receipt printer, surveillance camera, can be add to the machines...


If your company has online store or APP, the users can get the link to log in the online store or download the APP, and buy what they need online, just in case there is no that medicine they want in the machine. It’s a great channel to promote your online store entrance.


For more product details, please feel free to contact us, or visit our website at



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