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Company News About Method of operation and management of vending machine
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Method of operation and management of vending machine

Latest company news about Method of operation and management of vending machine


Vending machine is a highly intelligent product, which has the advantages of unattended operation, low operating cost, efficient operation, no language barrier, and easy operation. Because of these characteristics, we should make good use of these characteristics to operate and manage.

So how to operate and manage to get good results?

snack and drink vending machine

1. Special personnel are responsible for the operation and management of vending machines, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the vending machines can operate normally. In addition, the products provided should be sold at the market retail price, not higher than their retail price.

2. Strictly control the purchase of goods, put an end to fake and shoddy products, and resolutely do not sell "three-no" food and expired and spoiled food in vending machines, and must ensure the health of consumers.

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3. Establish and improve the accounting system for electronic purchases and sales of vending machines, and always record the name, specification, quantity, production date, shelf life, and supplier contact information of the food.

4. A monthly inventory must be carried out to ensure that the purchase, sales and inventory are consistent.

5. Choose a good supplier carefully and do not covet petty cheap.

6. Count the turnover of vending machines once a week.

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Vending machines can be placed in schools, factories, large stations, office buildings, crowded passages, squares, sports venues, car 4S stores, tourist attractions and other public places.

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