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Micron Smart Vending: To improve your vending business experience, it's our mission.

February 25, 2022

Hello, vending machine owners, or people plan to enter into vending business.
We are Micron Smart Vending.

We are: China vending machine manufacture
China top 3 vending machine exporter
Software, hardware one step vending solution provider

Micron smart vending machine

To improve your vending business experience, it’s our mission.

How could we create value to you?

  1. We have advanced smart vending back end server. Which enable you to remote control the machine(ON/OFF lighting, AC, screen), and get real time inventory, sales data.Upload advertisement, And support pure E-wallet payment. We provide smarter server which is easy to use with lower monthly cost.
  2. We product high quality hardware. We exported our machines to 50 countries. Enjoy high repurchase rate by providing high quality vending machine.
  3. Software + hardware, we provide complete affordable vending solution. If you want to do or sell something special, just let us know your plan, we will give you a proposal.
  4. We focus at improving end customer purchase experience and operation user experience, you will have life time free OTA to our latest software server.

Micron smart fridge vending machine


Micron smart vending machine

If you want to make a different, if you want to use smart vending machine to increase your business.Contact us!

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