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Company News About Open the vending machine the correct way to make money
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Open the vending machine the correct way to make money

Latest company news about Open the vending machine the correct way to make money


With economic development, the pace of life has become faster and faster, people are increasingly pursuing timeliness and convenience when buying goods, and the era of unmanned retail and self-service shopping has arrived. Vending machines can be seen in densely populated schools, hospitals, or sparsely populated tourist attractions.


Let Micron Editor teach you the correct way to make money for vending machines in 3 minutes!


We know that the unmanned vending machine industry is a new type of industry. It has the characteristics of low investment, low risk, and fast return. So do you know how a vending machine makes money?


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The main payment methods and operation methods of vending machines:


       Vending machines have become a potentially huge industry. After department stores and supermarkets, they have set off the third retail revolution, and their prospects are very broad. At present, the main payment modes of vending machines are cash payment, mobile payment, credit card payment, face payment, etc. The main operating modes are as follows:


       (1) Buy directly. The customer buys the machine directly from the manufacturer. The customer operates independently, and the manufacturer is responsible for the installation, testing and routine maintenance of the machine. Operating profits belong to the operators.


      (2) Partner model. The customer provides the place to put it in, and the operator is responsible for all matters related to the machine and operation. In this type of business model, customers often value time-saving and worry-saving, waiting for sales to share profits.


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Profit sources and main costs of vending machines:


The main source of profit:


       1. Sell drinks, food or other items through vending machines. During the operation of the vending machine, there is no need for a salesperson to be around the clock, and the payment behavior can also be done independently by the consumer. The operator only needs to replenish the goods on a regular basis without paying high labor costs, thereby increasing the operating profit of the vending machine .


       2. Point selling fee and shelf fee. An operator who owns a vending machine can rent out the space on his vending machine to other operators, so as to charge the corresponding selling fee and shelf fee, so as to obtain profit.


       3. Use vending machines for advertising. Advertisements for vending machines mainly refer to print advertisements and video advertisements on the screen. Vending machine advertisements are cheaper than TV advertisements, and they are broadcast 24 hours a day, so the effect is not worse than TV advertisements. At the same time, fuselage advertising will also be adopted by many businesses.


Main cost:


       1. Maintenance cost is one of the main costs of vending machines, but as vending machine technology matures, maintenance costs have also been effectively controlled with the improvement of technology.


       2. Compared with supermarkets, the number of purchases is small, and it has no obvious advantage in commodity prices. Therefore, if you want to operate vending machines, it is very important to choose vending machines with strong business strength and more points of operation. It is very important to cooperate with operators, which can increase purchases. The number of products has an advantage in commodity prices.


        3. Site fees are also a major cost of vending machine operation. In some relatively good locations, the monthly site fee for a vending machine is not a small amount, but it is much cheaper than a store.


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Suggestions for increasing profits and increasing the rate of return:


       1. Focus on the selection of operating points


       The principle of the selection of vending machine operation points: mainly choose the location with large traffic volume and the activity area of younger people with high demand for beverages.


       2. Emphasize operational control


       Timely replenishment of goods: timely replenishment of out-of-stock goods to reduce operating losses caused by missing goods.


       Proper equipment maintenance and cleaning: regular inspections and maintenance of equipment to fully guarantee the normal utilization rate of the machine and increase the user's desire to buy.


       Timely cash collection and replenishment: Regular collection of cash in the equipment and coins in the equipment. Reduce operation suspension caused by problems such as missing coins and full cash storage.


      3. Pay attention to strict control of the types of goods


      The types of goods of vending machines need to be selected according to the local market conditions. Generally, a few types that are suitable for the local area and have good sales are recommended. Too many types of goods may cause operational burdens, causing consumers to choose more and affect purchases and purchases. Equipment service efficiency is also easy to cause inventory accumulation.


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