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Company News About Outdoor vending machine operation skills and precautions
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Outdoor vending machine operation skills and precautions

Latest company news about Outdoor vending machine operation skills and precautions
latest company news about Outdoor vending machine operation skills and precautions  0

Outdoors are the most crowded places. If a vending machine is likened to a fish, then the flow of people is the "source of life" that it depends on. The application scenarios of unmanned vending machines are almost everywhere, whether they are in parks, scenic spots, or squares and commercial streets. However, how can a vending machine in an outdoor environment achieve stable, profitable and safe operation? Below, Micron will briefly share with you the outdoor operation skills and precautions of vending machines.

First of all, a good public safety environment is the basic condition for the successful outdoor operation of vending machines. Try to choose places where people stay in daily life, such as the rest area of the square, the viewing platform of the scenic spot, etc., if possible, it can be placed in the area covered by the public security monitoring facilities, and at the same time install cameras on the machine to improve security. Nowadays, with the overall improvement of public quality and the improvement of the overall public security situation, there are fewer and fewer cases of malicious damage to machines.

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Secondly, the ground of the venue needs to be solid and stable, and the position of the vending machine should be higher than the ground. Do not place it in areas with soft soil or potholes with poor drainage, because soft soil may cause the machine to sink or even cause an accident. In addition, a good grounded power supply must be preset to ensure a safe and stable power supply.

Many of the Micron smart vending machines are placed in outdoor environments for operation, with proper daily maintenance and extremely low failure rates.

latest company news about Outdoor vending machine operation skills and precautions  2

Again, a sunshade canopy should be installed on the top of the vending machine. Outdoors, sun and rain, especially direct rain, will inevitably have a certain impact on the overall service life of the machine, especially the touch screen and industrial control module are high-precision equipment, and erosion by rain may interfere with their normal operation. Therefore, a good sunshade canopy is the best outdoor protection guard for unmanned vending machines. It can not only protect the machine from rain or scorching sun to the greatest extent, but also enhance the customer's buying experience.

Finally, routine maintenance is especially important when the vending machine operates in an outdoor environment. A machine that makes money for you 24/7 is worthy of your careful care. Regularly clean the body and cargo lane, and check whether the sensitivity of the touch screen is normal, which can effectively reduce the equipment failure rate, prolong the life of the machine, and make the vending machine run stably and efficiently.

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