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Company News About Places not suitable for placing vending machines
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Places not suitable for placing vending machines

Latest company news about Places not suitable for placing vending machines

Choosing a vending machine placement location is the key to profitability. Choosing a cost-effective location can bring a steady stream of customer traffic to your vending store, so how to choose a good placement location? Which places are not suitable for placing vending machines?

Before we put the vending machine into operation, we should first analyze the characteristics of the location, placement location, objects of use, usage rate and other data. The main points are as follows:

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1. Traffic factor
It is necessary to choose a place with a large effective flow of people, and a relatively closed place with little competition. For example, schools (teaching halls, dormitories downstairs, next to playgrounds), hospitals (halls), subways, high-speed railway stations, railway stations (waiting rooms, ticket offices, etc.), factories, etc.

2. The quality of the flow of people in the place
Some places are not necessarily suitable for vending machines although there are many people. For example, it is also a train station. It is very inappropriate to be near the platform. Everyone is busy on the train and there is no time to buy things. Therefore, when choosing the placement location, you should pay attention to the flow of people and the quality of the flow of people, and also pay attention to the competition brought by the surrounding physical artificial stores.

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3. Commodities corresponding to the crowd
Young people are the main consumers of food, beverages and adult products, and vending machines should be placed in spots with a high proportion of young people; for example, hot food vending machines, the downstairs of university dormitories has become a good place to put them.
In some tourist attractions, parks, zoos, and playgrounds, children like to buy things from vending machines by themselves with the help of adults. Food and beverages and children's toys are the objects of their consumption;
In semi-enclosed factories, characteristic town industrial parks, and makerspaces, because it is inconvenient to go out and buy, it is a good place to put vending machines;
Places with high consumption of beverages are also good places to put them (such as arenas, gyms, etc.), but pay attention to their income levels and corresponding spending power;
For example, putting vending machines in the community is more suitable for selling daily just-needed products - fresh fruits and vegetables to meet the living needs of community residents.

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4. Safety factors
Although the vending machine has a certain anti-theft and explosion-proof ability, it is still necessary to place the vending machine in a safe location when it is put into operation: a place with complete security, or within the coverage of monitoring probes.

5. Convenience of operation
When inspecting the location, try to take into account the convenience of installation and replenishment channels. In the case of a single person or a single machine, it is generally necessary to consider that the place to be placed should not be too far away, which is convenient when the store has problems or needs to be stocked; if multiple units are placed in a certain area, the composition of the surrounding population should be considered, especially The age group composition should be 18-40 years old, and the population is located in the college students and young people's communities, and the business hotels are relatively concentrated.

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Therefore, in the unmanned vending industry, a good vending machine placement point is very important. If a vending machine placement location does not meet the above conditions, then it is best not to place it.

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