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Company News About Precautions for placing outdoor vending machines
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Precautions for placing outdoor vending machines

Latest company news about Precautions for placing outdoor vending machines

With the development of new retail and the continuous improvement of people's demands for quality of life, unmanned automation equipment is increasingly appearing in various places. Various vending machines can be seen in many outdoor places such as squares, streets with high traffic flow, parks, tourist lecture points and so on. So what should we pay attention to when placing vending machines outdoors? Here, Micron makes the following summary and shares it with you.


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1. When launching, it is very important to choose the placement location, and it cannot be ignored when choosing the ground. On the ground where it is placed, if the ground is firm and safe, there are four support points at the bottom of the vending machine, what we call four feet. They also have certain requirements on the ground. If the land is relatively soft, it may cause the vending machine to tilt or overturn and other situations, resulting in accidents. Therefore, a firm and more reliable ground is required, preferably a concrete ground or a stone ground. If our vending machine has a special anti-sinking pier, it would be better. The ground is flat. Although the bottom corners of the vending machine can be adjusted automatically, the height of the ground exceeds the adjustment of the vending machine's feet. This will also affect the normal use of the vending machine. In addition, the position of the machine should be higher than the ground, in case of heavy rain outside, too much rainwater seeps into the vending machine and affects the normal use of the vending machine.

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2. The top of the vending machine should have a rain-proof ceiling. Outdoors, it is difficult to avoid wind and rain, especially direct showers will have a great impact on the overall service life of the machine. In particular, the touch screen and cash module are high-precision equipment components, and rain will affect their normal work. Outdoor suspended ceilings can be customized by local companies according to specific conditions. There aren't many requirements for this. It can be sturdy and rainproof enough.

3. There is a good grounding power supply. The vending machine uses a household triangular plug power supply, and the vending machine is a highly complex mechanical device that generates static electricity and induced current during operation.

4. Good public security environment. This is an indispensable consideration in the placement of outdoor vending machines. If the local outdoor security is poor, and there are often people destroying equipment, you must pay attention. The monitor can be mounted on the front of the machine at a 45 degree angle as a warning.

micron smart vending machine

The above are the delivery methods and skills of outdoor vending machines shared by Micron, hoping to help you. However, with the rapid development of society now, the extension of new retail does have a good development prospect for vending machines. It is believed that in the near future, new retail will cover the entire market.

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