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Company News About Precautions when replenishing goods from vending machines
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Precautions when replenishing goods from vending machines

Latest company news about Precautions when replenishing goods from vending machines

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When the vending machine replenishes goods, it needs to carefully arrange its position according to the characteristics and characteristics of the goods. When the vending machine is out of stock, the first is to affect profits, and the second is to reduce the stickiness of consumers. So, when the vending machine replenishes the goods, what steps need to be taken?

First use the key to open the vending machine. When opening the door, please pay attention to the glass door and the supplementary line of the goods, and put the prepared goods aside. The door of the vending machine does not need to be opened too much, and then press the movable button under the vending machine's cargo lane cabinet, and then slowly pull out this layer of cargo lane and place it in a certain position, and then the entire floor of the cargo lane can be placed.

Pay attention to the packaging of the heavier bottles and cans at the bottom of the vending machine. After replenishing the goods, gently push the container in, then use the lower safety bolt to fasten it, push in the top and then jam it. Then find the setting button under the chassis and set it to full cargo state. Please note that you need to set up after all products have been fully replenished. Finally, lock the vending machine to complete the replenishment.


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The replenishment of the vending machine mainly needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. Products of different sizes are suitable to be placed in cargo lanes of different specifications. If you are not sure which product should be placed, you can use a ruler to measure the diameter and pitch of the spring, and then compare the outer packaging of the product. The easiest way is to put the product in the spring cargo lane to experience the size (the product must be a fixed package), if it is not stuck too tight and does not fall into the gap in the center of the spring, it is suitable.

2. When selling aerated beverages (carbonated beverages), try to place them in a relatively low position in the cargo aisle. Otherwise, after customers buy beverages, the liquid in the beverages may spray out as soon as they open them, which will affect the customer's buying experience.

3. If there is a can in the beverage, it should be placed in the cargo lane of the flat-bottom track to reduce the jam rate. Because the rows of cans travel in the cargo channel, its frictional resistance is much greater than that of plastic bottle packaging, and it is easy to jam. Putting on a flat-bottom track can effectively reduce cargo jams.

4. When placing bottled beverages, please try to place the bottle cap downwards, which can effectively solve the awkward situation that the beverage bottle is not easy to take out after standing up.

5. When placing the product, do not tilt the top of the product outwards (you can stand upright or tilt it inward), which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of cargo jams caused by the top of the product.

6. The same kind of goods should be placed on the same spring cargo lane, and it is best to be filled with goods every time. If the supplementary cargo is insufficient, the innermost position should be left empty, and there should not be any space at the front end of the freight channel.

As long as the correct method is used to replenish the goods, it can greatly reduce the jam rate of the vending machine during use, and it can also allow consumers to enjoy a better shopping experience and increase their sales.

But if you are using a smart fridge vending machine with flexible replenishment, you don't need to pay attention to the above replenishment issues at all.


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