Recommend three places that are ideal for placing vending machines

January 10, 2022
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A profitable place for vending machines

1. Factory
Factories are generally engaged in manual labor, and there are few or no shops inside. The location of the factory is generally relatively remote, and there are few shops in the surrounding non-commercial area. In a factory with about 500 people, it is not stressful to sell more than 100 bottles of beverages a day in summer. Mineral water, cola, Sprite, and various teas are all popular beverages, but be careful, they are a little higher-end. Don't think about drinks, because the sales volume is too low and it has to occupy a cargo lane, which is not cost-effective.

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2. Colleges and universities
College students are a special group. One word, "very lazy", can lie down and never sit, can sit, never stand, and never take another step. That's why college takeout is so popular. Therefore, vending machines for snacks and beverages can be operated on the playground, downstairs in teaching, and downstairs in dormitories. College students also like to use WeChat, Alipay and other convenient payment methods, which are easy to manage.

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3. Hospital
The hospital is a special place. There are almost no shops in it. There are vending machines for snacks and drinks in the lobby.

Making money is very easy as long as you put the vending machine in the right place.

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