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Company News About Several issues to think about in the early stage of vending machine
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Several issues to think about in the early stage of vending machine

Latest company news about Several issues to think about in the early stage of vending machine

The success of the vending machine operation is inseparable from the detailed work done before the launch. Details determine success or failure. A vending machine with good functions and stable operation is related to the user experience of consumer groups; a target market is specific to the product structure and pre-launch investigation of service settings, which is related to the efficiency of operation. The following points are proposed for the pre-launch work:

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1. target market segment.
On-the-spot investigation into the regional consumer market, age structure of consumer groups, consumption level, consumption ability, composition of mainstream consumer products, etc. Do specific market, specific problem analysis. To investigate these data clearly, in order to carry out targeted market launch. The survey method can start from the composition of the surrounding business circles and the flow of purchases in the business circles.

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2. Commodity structure breakdown.
According to the corresponding mainstream products launched in different target markets, high-margin products that sell well, low-margin products that sell well, high-margin products that are not sold, long-term and short-term products should all be considered in the product structure. To achieve specific markets, specific operations.

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3. Online activity breakdown.
Develop online activities for each target market. For example, students can purchase discounts in snacks, and middle-aged people can enjoy price discounts in daily necessities. All activities are staged, guided and driven.

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4. Other revenue breakdown.
In each target market where each vending machine is placed, resources are integrated for advertising revenue. For example, it is more suitable for beverage manufacturers to advertise in schools, education in residential quarters, push of life-related advertisements, etc., in different markets, integrating different manufacturers that need to advertise, so as to benefit more. Forage fees can also be negotiated with suppliers, and forage fees can also be obtained.

It is very important to choose a good vending machine, which requires choosing a good manufacturer; it is very important to choose a good vending machine to put on the market, which requires the support of some good commodity structures. Micron—focusing on automatic intelligent interactive equipment manufacturers, is willing to provide you with a complete set of automatic vending equipment production and operation services!


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