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Company News About Smart vending machines have so many inside stories!
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Smart vending machines have so many inside stories!

Latest company news about Smart vending machines have so many inside stories!

With the increasing maturity and expansion of technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence in China, the traditional retail industry's living space has been gradually weakened, and new retail has facilitated human life. The COVID-19 has made contactless services shine, and smart vending machines have taken the lead in "unmanned retail" with their unique advantages!

Micron smart fridge vending machine

How do smart vending machines make money?

The main revenue includes retail revenue, external advertising revenue, and display fee revenue from some suppliers. Retail revenue is easy to understand, that is, earning the difference in gross profit of goods. The display fee is the practice of traditional supermarkets. Because the space of the vending machine is limited, the products of the suppliers on the shelves will be charged an entry fee (if you don't give it, you can change it, mainly for weak suppliers). Advertising revenue comes from the fuselage and APP, which is easy to understand, but there are other ways besides these.

Vending machines placed in public places such as subway stations, commercial centers, and scenic spots have limited actual sales. Because in these open spaces, consumers tend to pass by in a hurry. In addition, the current urban retail outlets are very dense, and the increase in sales volume will be very limited. Vending machines in these establishments are largely for advertising fees. The retail revenue of vending machines mainly depends on relatively closed channels such as office buildings, factories, schools, and hospitals.

Having said so much, the main purpose of placing vending machines is to sell products. Due to the high rents of places such as subway stations and commercial centers, placing them in closed spaces is the mainstream idea of ​​​​now unmanned vending machines, and it is also a muffled fortune. great place.

Micron smart fridge vending machine

Why do smart vending machines?

No business experience required: You just need to find a location, no business experience is required, you do not have to commute regularly, and there is no personnel struggle.

No need for technology: Micron intelligent vending machines have cloud platform, artificial intelligence AI and other high-tech technologies to provide customers with intelligent, convenient and visual services. As long as you have an idea, everything else can help you solve it.

No employment: Micron smart vending machines are 24 hours a day, unattended, 365 days a year.

Small space: only about one square meter of space, any office building, school, shopping mall, community, canteen, hospital, bus station, airport, subway express train, tourist attractions, Internet cafes, coffee bars, tea houses, chain hotels, construction sites, canteens , large enterprises, troops, rescue and disaster relief logistics...

Micron smart fridge vending machine

It can be said that the smart vending machine is a profit model without threshold.

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