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Company News About The cost of opening a store is high, and the micron vending machine helps you open a unmanned store
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The cost of opening a store is high, and the micron vending machine helps you open a unmanned store

Latest company news about The cost of opening a store is high, and the micron vending machine helps you open a unmanned store

In this era of mass entrepreneurship, many people are looking for good projects. There are so many entrepreneurial projects on the market, so which ones are suitable for inexperienced entrepreneurs? In this era of skyrocketing rents and skyrocketing labor costs, the operation of vending machines is undoubtedly a very promising investment and entrepreneurial project.


Micron smart fridge vending machine

In this era of catering franchise, but with the rising rent cost, decoration cost and clerk labor cost, it is more and more difficult to open a store and start a business. Many entrepreneurs have been busy for a year, but they can't make money or even lose money. , all to earn a mortgage for the landlord! At this time, the advantages of unmanned vending machines are reflected.

First of all, the floor area is small. A machine occupies an area of ​​about one square meter. Generally, it still occupies idle space, and it is not much to rent for a year. Secondly, there is no need for a clerk to be on duty. The current unmanned vending machines are all intelligently networked, and the detailed sales data of each machine can be known through the system background; a replenishment clerk can manage many machines at the same time based on these data, according to the background data. Just go to restock regularly; the labor cost is very low evenly distributed to each vending machine.

Micron smart fridge vending machine

In fact, the vending ability of unmanned vending machines is no worse than that of traditional stores. The reasonable combination of different models such as serpentine cargo aisle, spring cargo aisle, and multi-door lattice cabinets can sell most of the goods in traditional stores. Strictly speaking, an unmanned vending machine is equivalent to a small supermarket and has the overall framework of a supermarket: the machine is equal to the store; the goods aisle is equal to the product shelf; the anti-theft access port is equal to the security measures; the mobile phone scan code, face payment, cash payment system It is equal to the cash register; one-stop unmanned self-service, the whole process is as smooth as running clouds and water, while bringing a better shopping experience, it saves even more high labor costs! This is much better for traditional brick-and-mortar supermarkets.

Micron unmanned vending machine also has a powerful background management system, which can view the marketing data and commodity data of the vending machine in real time on the mobile phone, and make a summary and analysis. In order to maximize profits, these are not what traditional stores can do! It is equivalent to a person guiding you to make a profit in opening a store.

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