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Company News About The development prospect of unmanned vending machine market
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The development prospect of unmanned vending machine market

Latest company news about The development prospect of unmanned vending machine market

When unmanned retail has become a new investment and entrepreneurial outlet and is constantly mentioned and tested, its three different industry formats have experienced different development experiences.
Low-threshold unmanned shelves face significant layoffs and withdrawals, and smarter unmanned convenience stores are struggling to make profits. On-the-shelf unmanned vending machines upgraded on the basis of traditional vending machines are quickly finding a profit model. Growth, and earlier explored the form of continuous operation and profitability.

Broad prospects for the industry
Since Jack Ma proposed "new retail", the retail industry has undergone changes, and the concept of unmanned sales has swept across every industry like a hurricane, and unmanned sales have been continuously paid attention to, and as the initial model of unmanned retail - automatic Vending machines have been in a tepid state in the past 20 years of development. However, driven by Jack Ma's "new retail", they are rising rapidly, breaking into people's lives like a dark horse.
In the context of new retail, big data, sharing economy and unmanned stores, the vending machine industry is once again faced with a choice, whether to seize this rare opportunity, or continue to remain tepid as before? Obviously It can be seen that the vending machine industry is no longer silent this time, and it is finally going to fire!!!


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Strong profitability
The reason why vending machines ushered in the era of traffic is the pressure brought by the manpower and rental costs of offline stores. Therefore, compared with offline stores, vending machines that save labor costs and occupy a small area have less investment risk and have a high degree of replicable profitability.
Take the Micron smart vending machine as an example. Unlike traditional retail, which requires high store rents, decoration costs and labor costs, after deducting machines, raw materials, less rent and maintenance costs, it is calculated according to a conservative estimate of 200 pieces per day. The monthly net profit of a single piece of equipment is more than 20,000 yuan, and franchisees can generally pay back the cost in 2-3 months.
In addition to better interaction with users, the display screen on our Micron vending machine also has considerable advertising value. Vending machines themselves are distributed in areas with high traffic flow and are natural advertising space resources. Display advertising further taps the value of offline traffic and expands the profit model of vending machines.

There are many scenarios
The smaller footprint and more intelligent operation of smart vending machines bring not only space and manpower savings, but also more possibilities for integration. It can appear in every corner of the city, with more The scenes match each other.
Shopping malls, pedestrian streets, convenience stores, offices, airports... Micron smart vending machines are committed to achieving full scene coverage, making unmanned retail a standardized form within reach.

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Intelligent operation
The background management system of the intelligent vending machine can monitor the inventory and operation status of goods in real time. Operators can replenish goods and maintain equipment in a timely manner based on the information, thereby effectively reducing operating costs. Through the analysis of the sales period, it is possible to understand consumer behavior preferences and optimize the location and commodity structure of vending machines.
We aim to open up the entire process of industrial chain empowerment, combined with the tenet of "convenience, timeliness, and intelligence" for user experience, after a long period of polishing, the brand has formed a perfect brand in hardware research and development, software system, supply chain, and operation mode. The full-process supporting scheme of the company realizes a closed-loop new retail business model with lower cost, more scenarios and higher efficiency.

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