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Company News About The importance of vending machine software system
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The importance of vending machine software system

Latest company news about The importance of vending machine software system

There is a very significant difference between traditional vending machines and smart vending machines, the software management system.

The management system software is generally developed by vending machine manufacturers or operators, and some major customers have their own ERP management systems. Generally speaking, vending machines, cloud servers, and mobile/computer management terminals are linked by three terminals:

1. The operation of the customer on the vending machine will be sent to the server, and the server will process the information to determine whether the customer has completed the payment.

2. If the payment is successful, the server will send the instruction to the vending side, and let it control the shipment. The database on the server side saves the store information of the vending machine. Including product information, store information, etc.

3. The server will feed back the data to the store owner's mobile phone. The store owner can view the vending machine store information and sales statistics through the mobile phone.

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Now the vending machine has entered a relatively mature stage, the production process and materials are actually similar in each factory, and for export vending machines, it is very important to have a stable and mature vending machine system.

At present, most software systems generally have problems such as system instability, simple and single function, long iteration cycle, and the inability to realize the customized requirements of software vendors, which brings a lot of trouble to operators and end customers.

Micron vending machine factory is well aware of the importance of the software system, and takes optimizing the software system as a long-term goal. In the actual machine operation process, it is also continuously improved according to user feedback, which has been affirmed by consumers. The following is Some features about Micron software system:

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1. Check the inventory of goods, the balance of the paper money machine and the coin machine in real time. Through these feedback information, you can grasp the status of the machine in advance and improve the efficiency of replenishment.

2. The energy management module supports real-time viewing of power consumption, remote adjustment of machine temperature, switching lights, etc. Users can flexibly adjust the state of the machine according to time and flow of people, which can better control costs.

3. The key part of the intelligent vending machine software system is the statistical analysis of sales. You can view daily sales and analyze which items are selling well and which items are not popular. By analyzing these sales data, store owners can adjust their purchase strategy at any time. Maximize commodity utilization.

4. Support uploading image advertisements and video advertisements. Users can upload personalized advertisements to attract consumers' attention. If you have enough machines, this will become a good value-added service.

5. Member management system. Support binding IC/ID card, balance recharge, etc.

6. Set up sub-accounts. Set up sub-accounts for your subordinates and assign different permissions according to roles to maximize management.

Micron specializes in manufacturing all kinds of vending machines, providing software and hardware integrated application solutions, and has been exported to more than 50 countries, More specific functions are not listed. If you are interested, you can consult us for more details.

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If you are interested in vending machines, please contact us for more information.

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