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Company News About vending machines will usher in a new round of changes
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vending machines will usher in a new round of changes

Latest company news about vending machines will usher in a new round of changes

Since ancient times, after the emergence of any industry, it will not stay in a stable stage. In the process of following the changes of the times, it will inevitably experience subversion and subversion. Otherwise, even if it will not be abandoned by consumers, it will be The latter come first. And the disruption of the industry is only a matter of time, and this is most vividly expressed in the vending machine.

If the vending machine industry wants to rise, the categories must be diversified and combined, and it must respond to the "change" of the times and the "change" of consumers with "change".

Micron smart vending machine

The subversion of the vending machine industry must start from the category. Because the category can decide whether it is a featureless vending machine or a smart micro-market that meets the diverse needs of consumers. To this end, many companies are trying to break through categories and bring consumers more choices and better experiences. Micron is also one of them.

First of all, category selection and collocation are based on consumer demand. As consumers are becoming more and more "lazy", it is impossible for them to buy a product through a vending machine and then buy another matching product through other channels. What they want is convenience , is a one-stop service.

Micron smart fridge vending machine

To this end, Micron will combine the products in the vending machine according to its target consumer groups. This combination is not only a combination of different beverages or a combination of different snacks, but a combination of its own target groups. Through data analysis, find out the characteristics of the consumer groups covered by the vending machine in different consumption scenarios, and then select products to meet the needs of this part of consumers. For example, in the scene of a factory, it is found through consumption data that 80% of people prefer functional drinks and bucket noodles, so Micron can put the two into a vending machine for consumers in the factory to choose. .

Micron smart vending machine

Micron smart vending machines are catering to the needs of consumers, changing from the traditional vending machine's "what I provide, what you want" to "what you need, I will provide it". However, there is basically no threshold for the transformation of this kind of category matching, because he only needs to put products into the vending machine based on the preferences of consumers. The difficulty is how a vending machine can meet the different needs of consumers. , which puts forward higher requirements on the internal structure of the vending machine. One of the problems that needs to be solved urgently is how to make the cargo channel accommodate different commodities, and it can also be adjusted.

hot water vending machine

Micron smart vending machines can now realize flexible adjustment of cargo lanes, which means that the link of commodity adjustment based on consumer needs can be realized. For Micron and the customers it works with, maximizing efficiency while reducing operating and trial-and-error costs.

Before the vending machine industry is completely subverted, it is a huge blue ocean market, and players who can really seize this blue ocean market must discover the "change" of consumers in time when they change with the changes of the times!

Micron smart vending machine

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