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Company News About What are the delivery methods of vending machine advertisements?
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What are the delivery methods of vending machine advertisements?

Latest company news about What are the delivery methods of vending machine advertisements?

Vending machines can be used as advertising media to increase revenue and reduce costs. The main methods are as follows:

1. Video ads
The most vivid advertising display form and customized playback solutions provide you with the best advertising solutions. At the same time, interactive video advertisements can be played to improve user engagement and achieve more in-depth/marketing effects

2. Static image ads
The best partner of video advertising, beautiful promotional pictures, is the best supplement to video

micron smart vending machine

3. Airframe advertising
The most intuitive form of advertising, the vending machine's double-sided body, the eye-catching stickers at the display position of the goods, and the pick-up position all provide the most direct display form for the products

4. Cargo Lane Advertising
The most targeted advertising form, the user clicks the cargo channel button to trigger, the screen displays the product details, and the consumer's independent choice determines that the cargo channel advertisement is the advertisement with the highest conversion rate.

Micron smart vending machine

Today, vending machines seem to be overlooked because of their ubiquity. Objectively speaking, it is a method of no-store sales that originated earlier. Vending machines that seem to be classified as roadside telephone booths have helped many products to open up market sales, and even some special products have been able to enter people's lives relying on this special sales method. No matter before, now or in the future, vending machines are a store-free sales method that cannot be ignored.

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