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Company News About What are the investment costs and profits of vending machines?
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What are the investment costs and profits of vending machines?

Latest company news about What are the investment costs and profits of vending machines?

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We all know that in recent years, with the rise of new retail, more and more vending machines have appeared in various places such as streets, schools, hospitals, stations and so on. The investment profit of vending machine has always been a problem that everyone is more concerned about, and the profit of vending machine is also determined by a variety of factors. Like offline physical stores, as a kind of retail terminal, vending machines have relatively high requirements for the operation place. As long as the place is good enough, the profit of vending machines will show good profit data. The better locations are schools, factories, hospitals, stations, tourist attractions, etc. These places either have a very high density of effective customer groups or have a particularly large flow of people. Let’s focus on the profit of the vending machine market first.

Micron smart vending machine

1. Convenient and fast
On campus, traditional retail methods such as supermarkets, canteens, and newspaper stops cannot fully meet the needs of students, and it is difficult for them to be open 24 hours a day. And vending machines can be left unattended and can operate 24 hours a day, all year round, which is not only convenient, but also greatly reduces labor costs and store rents. The location of vending machines is also more flexible. For example, in the library hall of the teaching building, downstairs in the dormitory, next to the playground, and at the entrance of the restaurant, it is very suitable to place various vending machines in scenes that are in demand but not suitable for opening a store.

2. Support a variety of payment methods
In addition to cash, the current vending machines can also customize a variety of payment methods such as student meal card swipe card, WeChat Alipay mobile phone scan code payment, face swipe payment, etc. The payment methods are more convenient and novel, and students also like to try new things. Elementary schools, secondary schools and colleges can choose a combination of the above payment methods according to the attributes of the students.

3. High repurchase rate and quick return on capital
As for the profit of vending machines, it is certainly not convincing to say that it is high. Students prefer fast-moving consumer goods such as various snacks, beverages, dairy products, etc. Although the profit of a single product is not very high, the sales volume is large, and the more sales are sold quickly, the overall profit is still very good.

Micron smart vending machine

A school is an ideal place to operate a vending machine, which usually pays off quickly, followed by pure profit, which is well known in the industry.

Artificial intelligence-based self-service that relies on big data and cloud backend technology is a development trend in all walks of life, as is the new retail industry. Now vending machines are gradually replacing a considerable part of traditional stores, and there is still a large market vacancy for vending machines. Yes, the prospects are very good.

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