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Company News About What are the opportunities for vending in the new retail era?
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What are the opportunities for vending in the new retail era?

Latest company news about What are the opportunities for vending in the new retail era?

What are the opportunities for vending in the new retail era?

Traditional vending machines generally use banknotes and coin-operators as payment methods. Apart from the high cost, currency identification and change will also take a lot of time. When there is not enough balance in the cash box, the machine cannot be used. It is because of the high cost and inconvenience of coin-operated that the popularity of vending machines has been limited.

New retail brings traditional retail into a new field, represented by vending machines, unmanned supermarkets, and unmanned shelves, laying the foundation for the future development trend of new retail—unmanned retail. Taking vending machines as an example, under the influence of new retail, convenience, intelligence, and humanization have profoundly changed it. The simplest manifestation is that vending machines have broken the traditional currency transaction mode, but can be moved through mobile phone scanning. pay.

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The application of the mobile payment function on the vending machine truly realizes the convenient service of the vending machine. Vending machines are more positioned as "self-service machines". The advantage of self-service is that there is no manual participation in the consumption process. Consumers complete the purchase, payment and acquisition of goods alone. The entire consumption process is efficient and fast.

Connecting mobile payment to vending machines is much less expensive than a banknote coin slot machine. Because mobile payments are cashless transactions, banknote recognition systems are not required. And cashless transactions make merchant equipment and funds more secure. Vending machines use mobile payments, and transaction funds are sent directly to the merchant's account. There is no need to store cash in a vending machine. Outlaws don't target vending machines.

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