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Company News About What channels do micron vending machines make money through?
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What channels do micron vending machines make money through?

Latest company news about What channels do micron vending machines make money through?
From the "iron cabinet" to the "smart terminal" at the beginning, vending machines have gradually become the mainstream of unmanned commercialization. With the explosion of mobile payment, the development of Internet of Things and hardware technology, vending machines can be said to be a better unmanned retail model. Small in size, it can radiate the surrounding mobile crowd, flexible adjustment, no rent and no labor cost.

Micron smart fridge vending machine

How do vending machines make money? Micron is introduced from the following three aspects:

1. Product profit
Vending machines started from the retail point of view, mainly relying on commodities to make profits. With the rise of experiential marketing, free items are also part of an agency's revenue. For example, in a certain brand of coffee vending machine, the first cup is free for customers to taste; the vending machine operated by the operator allows people to receive a free trial. After attracting a large number of customers, start charging profit on merchandise.

2. Advertising profit
The advantage of vending machines is that they are placed in places with high traffic density, which increases the display value of their own advertisements. Coupled with the development of new media in the past two years, vending machines have increased display screens, and advertising revenue is very considerable. Today's vending machines have 22-inch, 32-inch, and 55-inch high-definition screens, and different display screens have different advertising revenue prices.

3. Fan Economy
In the era of self-media, fans are wealth. Vending machines have opened up a new profit model - attracting powder for agents. Customers scan the QR code on the fuselage to receive or buy products, and at the same time become fans of the agent. The accumulation of fans to a certain extent, whether it is used for self-media operations or sold for cash, is a considerable amount of income. To this end, Micron has also developed a system that pays attention to public accounts to receive goods for free, which is beneficial to various operators to attract customers.

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