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Company News About What do you know about these vending machine operation skills?
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What do you know about these vending machine operation skills?

Latest company news about What do you know about these vending machine operation skills?

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, self-service vending machines have also ushered in a major outbreak. A large number of vending machines have emerged in stations, airports, hospitals, schools, scenic spots, squares, communities, and bus stations. This convenient and fast shopping method is becoming more and more popular. As an operation manager, how to increase sales while controlling input costs, how to let people choose shopping more independently, and to give customers a high-quality shopping experience, Micron believes that it is very necessary to do a good job in the daily maintenance of vending machines.


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1. Check inventory on your mobile phone regularly, and don't let out-of-stock affect sales
Mobile phones have their own product inventory rate, and you can remotely check the sales situation. It is necessary to check whether the machine products are sufficient, which is of great significance for ensuring sales.

2. Regularly check the equipment circuit to avoid equipment failure, so that it will not affect your operation
It is extremely important for the self-service vending machine to regularly check the equipment circuit. A serious inspection is like a regular physical examination, which helps prevent some controllable equipment failures. If the insect bites the wire, if it has not been bitten off, it should be replaced in time to ensure that your machine is in good condition at all times.

3. When choosing equipment location and replenishment, be sure to personally experience the feeling of being a customer
Confirm on the spot the perspective view of customers when they pass your device, and arrange your device location and product placement according to the feelings after the experience to obtain the best operational effect.

4. Create your own personalized vending machine
Modern consumers are picky and experiential. Therefore, vending must not be so cold. Design a set of stylish stickers to make the machine more conspicuous. This will bring you unexpected gains.


Micron smart vending machine


5. Clean the equipment regularly, and don't let customers see that your machine is dirty
No one is willing to choose a dirty machine to buy goods, because everyone likes to be clean, especially for food and drink.

6. Replenishment should be carried out when there is no one
No one likes to look at the inside of the machine. The dense wires and various cold components will reduce a lot of consumer desire. If your equipment happens to have not been cleaned for a long time, then you really have to pay attention.

7. Make a round of observation before putting on the vending machine
Investigate the configuration and price of the goods in the surrounding convenience stores, and observe the classification of the surrounding people, white-collar workers or workers. After you have done the survey, you can really make your machine make money.

8. Remember to update your products regularly, stay well and find better ones
There has never been any kind of product that can last forever. Observe at any time and adjust it regularly to always ensure that the product in your machine is what the surrounding people need most.

9. Handle every customer complaint promptly and patiently
Consumers' need for a sense of respect will always exist for a long time, and you must pay attention to your customer service. Because you can affect 3 people with one mouth, and 3 people can influence 9 people, and so on, be sure not to let your position or your business "declare out". Consumers are much more powerful than we thought. Of course, you can also choose to work hard and serve well. I believe you will have unexpected gains.

10. Machine data can't convey the user's feelings, have time to go to your point to listen to the opinions of the guests
Face-to-face communication is sometimes far more effective than you look at the data, because you will more intuitively feel the user’s experience of using the device, if you choose your machine to buy goods just because you have to, and you naively think so If it's good, then you are in danger.

11. deliberately set up some surprises, everyone will fall in love with your machine
The goods that are planned to be promoted, especially buy one get one free, if possible, don't promote it, let it be a "system failure". When a person buys a bottle and gets two bottles, the feeling is much better. Maybe he will take a friend to try his luck next time, and he will be impressed by the location of your machine.


Micron smart vending machine


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